MassageLab has one goal; to provide our community with massage therapy that is valuable and amazing. So how do we do that?



Well, first things first, we know massage. Our management team is comprised of highly experience massage therapists with decades of collective wisdom gained in spas, clinics, private practice, and massage education. This experience lead us to one essential truth, a great massage it isn't about the price you pay, it's about the value you receive. We believe that in order to be an excellent value, your massage should provide an experience superior to your expectations. We want you to leave from your first and every MassageLab experience pleasantly surprised by your results. We can achieve this because MassageLab is a uniquely collaborative environment. Though you may only see your favorite therapist, there is a team of professionals working behind the scenes to create your ideal session.


To have a great massage experience, you need a great massage therapist! A highly skilled massage therapist does more than perform strokes from a routine, they consider your body and lifestyle and create a unique session that responds precisely where and how you need the attention. This requires a detailed intake with you offering the best and most recent information about your body and lifestyle. For our therapists, it requires them to not only know a wide variety of techniques, but also how to combine these techniques creatively to maximize their positive effects. In this way, providing an excellent massage is both a science and an art. Every therapist we invite to our team is vetted to ensure that they are technically and artistically exceptional so your MassageLab experience is reliably amazing!



(415) 660-7727

To schedule a massage session please use our convenient online booking system. You will be able to choose an appointment time that works best for you and will receive instant confirmation upon booking.

2973 16th Street, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94103

BART: Why drive when you can take BART! MassageLab is located just across the street from the 16th St Mission station.

PARKING: Metered street parking is readily available in and around the immediate area. However, we recommend parking in the 16th & Hoff Garage located only 1/2 block from MassageLab.


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