We've drawn on our collective experience as both professional massage therapists and bodywork educators to create a hiring process that ensures that each session you receive will be crafted and performed by a skilled massage therapist.

In our unique, multi-stage interview, we verify each therapist's education and certification, evaluate their technical proficiency and anatomical knowledge, and assess their creative problem solving skills in a hands-on session. Above all, each therapist who joins our staff must be an excellent fit for our team who truly believes in the power of massage therapy to create positive and profound change.

Our minimum expectations for our therapists include:

  • Training at a reputable, approved and accredited institution

  • California State Massage Therapist Certification or SF City Permit

  • Individual liability insurance

  • Demonstrated excellence in hands-on techniques

  • Advanced anatomical knowledge

  • Superior client evaluation and problem solving abilities

  • Exemplary quality of touch

  • Clear, concise, and conscientious communication skills

  • Annual investment in continuing education

  • Enthusiasm for being part of a wellness team

We also believe that the best therapists are happy therapists and happy therapists mean satisfied clients. So at MassageLab, we endeavor to create a supportive and collaborative environment and community where each of our team members can achieve a high level of personal satisfaction and professional success. We do so by providing above average compensation and room for growth, in house and discounted continuing education opportunities, team building, wellness and self-care events, and many other incentives to help our team members to flourish in the craft!



Tim C.jpeg

Tim Cowen, Manager
CAMTC# 74362

Tim's style of bodywork is designed to help realign and relax your body and reduce the impact of modern life. He accomplishes this through breath-work, assisted and passive stretching along with Swedish massage, deep tissue, and myofascial release. This approach helps enhance your body awareness, reduce muscular tension and release fascial restrictions. The outcome is an overall sense of well being and a healthier, less restricted body for you to live in. A graduate of the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork, the Kripalu Yoga Institute, and UMass Amherst, Tim is a lifelong student of the body and brings more than 25 years of education and experience to his sessions. Tim's life and work are guided by the philosophy that living with an open heart and doing what you love will manifest great joy.

James R.jpeg

James Roddy, Assistant Manager
CAMTC# 10140

Originally from Sacramento, James has been practicing massage since graduating from the National Holistic Institute in 1999. James also attended CPMC's Institute for health and healing and holds a degree in Kinesiology from Cal State. His specialties include deep tissue, sports massage, and shiatsu but he also practices Swedish massage, Tuina, and oncology massage. He believes that massage is an excellent tool for maintaining one's health and quality of life. James tailors every massage to the needs of his client utilizing his years of education and experience in massage and health care.



Angela Abdelmessih
CAMTC# 73233

A San Francisco resident, Angela has been practicing massage since 2017. She graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork's 600 hour Massage Therapist program. Angela's specialties include relaxing Swedish massage, deep tissue work, and trigger point release but she is also skilled in craniosacral work, sports massage, prenatal massage and more. In every session, Angela seeks to create a safe and relaxing space where she can help her clients feel better in their bodies.

Romaya B.jpeg

Romaya Bumpas
CAMTC# 74490

Trained in a variety of different massage modalities, this Seattle native has been practicing since 2017 upon completing her training at the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork. Romaya's fascination with massage began with first-hand experience while dealing with injuries accumulated as a runner, dancer, and yoga practitioner. Her style focuses on positional release, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and structural integration. With her broad education, Romaya brings excellent communication skills and deep curiosity to every session and is able to discern and address patterns of strain whether working with an acute injury or a long-held physical restriction.


Gary Witt
CAMTC# 34086

Gary is a Certified Massage Therapist having received his bodywork training from the Full Circle School of Massage located in the mountains of Colorado. He specializes in myofascial release, sports injury, and deep tissue massage. Gary is also the owner and Director of the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork, one of California's oldest and most respected massage training institutions. Prior to developing a career in massage and bodywork, Gary earned his BS degree from Northern Arizona U. He custom tailors each session to fit the individual needs of his clients drawing from his diverse training and experience in the field of bodywork, education, and health. Gary has been in private practice in the Bay area since 1999.

Hayden pic.jpeg

Hayden Marcus
CAMTC# 74443

When learning to provide massage, Hayden discovered a sense of presence and relaxation similar to those he previously experienced through his meditation and Aikido practices. Receiving his training at the McKinnon Body Therapy Center, Hayden is certified in Thai massage, deep tissue, Swedish massage, and chair massage. He brings this range of experience to his massage practice providing clients with a unique and deeply fulfilling experience. Hayden's specialty is traditional Thai massage.