Massage Therapy Sessions

Every bodywork session at MassageLab is unique, designed just for you!

Simply tell us your session goals and we'll take it from there. 


What To Expect

Your massage therapist will review your intake form and ask any clarifying questions. You can let your therapist know your goal for the session, and if you have specific body parts you’d like them to focus on. Your therapist will review your custom plan with you before beginning any bodywork and will check in with you along the way.

Once your custom session is planned, your massage therapist will help you get comfortable and begin your massage. Your massage will be comprised of a variety of different techniques, which may include Swedish massage, deep tissue and myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports massage and/or other modalities. Before and during your massage, we are here to listen and accommodate your needs.


Your Therapeutic Massage

Incorporating massage into your health routine is an essential way to keep your body and mind performing optimally. Our certified massage therapists are trained to carefully evaluate your unique needs and design individualized treatment plans accordingly.

Benefits of massage include:

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Alleviation of chronic pain

  • Restored balance and increased energy

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Improved circulation and muscle tone

  • Massage can be helpful with improving mobility and quality of life.


  • 60 minutes:  $105

  • 60 minute Pre-natal: $105

  • 5-pack: $499

  • 10-pack: $945

  • 5-pack Pre-natal: $499

  • 10-pack Pre-natal: $945

Online Booking: Yes, and payment will be taken at the time of booking. Refunds and appointment changes can be made up to 24 hours in advance. Please see our cancelation policy here.

Payment Method: Credit card only at this time.

Gift Certificates / Packages: Gift certificates and massage packages can be purchased in house or online.

Prenatal Massage:

If I’m pregnant can I receive a massage? Massage is generally not recommended in the first trimester so please consult with your doctor prior to receiving a prenatal massage. Please inform us when booking a prenatal appointment so that we can set you up with a practitioner who specializes in prenatal massage. Or if you’re booking your appointment online, please choose the prenatal massage option so that we can pair you with the appropriate massage practitioner.

Please view our Terms & Conditions for more information.


Bodywork Techniques


Swedish Massage

A combination of long, gliding strokes and gentle, kneading techniques combine to relax muscle tension and reduce stress. This is an excellent place to start if you are new to massage therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage

Ideal for releasing areas of chronic tension, deep tissue massage uses firm, targeted strokes applied to muscles and connective tissues to address areas of physical discomfort. Relaxing and restorative, deep tissue massage is ideal for those seeking more specific and therapeutic massage work.

Sports Massage

Integrating a variety of techniques from many modalities, sports massage is designed to improve athletic function and reduce the aches and pains experienced by active people. Sports massage can both help prepare you for physical activity and recover from it.



This meditative style of massage with roots in Japan and Chinese medicine aims to restore proper flow of life force or “Qi” in the body. Performed through clothes and with no oil or lotion, Shiatsu utilizes tonifying and sedating hands-on techniques to release tension and restore an overall sense of well being.

Trigger Point Release

By specifically addressing chronically tight knots in muscles, also known as trigger points, this technique can reduce the pain associated with these tight spots. Somewhat more intense than deep tissue, trigger point release can ease myriad issues from sciatica to plantar fasciitis.

Prenatal Massage

This style of massage aims to relieve the discomfort and support the changes in the body that come along with pregnancy. Expectant mothers experience a decrease in aches and pains, improved sleep and feelings of wellness, and even improved birth outcomes when receiving regular prenatal massage therapy.



By working specific areas known as reflex zones, this technique can address a variety of different systems in the body from muscles to internal organs. Often focused exclusively on the feet, reflexology is excellent for those who stand or walk all day.

Thai Massage

The ancient art of Thai massage combines aspects of traditional Chinese medicine with Ayurvedic principles from the Indian subcontinent. The result is a wonderful, flowing style that integrates firm compression strokes with yoga-like stretching for a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating session.