Terms & Conditions

Massage Packages:

Massage packages are non-negotiable, and non-transferable. All massage packages expire 1 year from date of purchase.

Prenatal Massage:

If I’m pregnant can I receive a massage? Massage is generally not recommended in the first trimester so please consult with your doctor prior to receiving a prenatal massage. Please inform us when booking a prenatal appointment so that we can set you up with a practitioner who specializes in prenatal massage. Or if you’re booking your appointment online, please choose the prenatal massage option so that we can pair you with the appropriate massage practitioner.

Cancellation/Late policy:

All appointments cancelled with less than 24-hour notice will be charged in full. We hold massage appointments 15-minutes past scheduled time, unless you inform the Service Desk that you are on your way.

Massage Session:

Massage appointments are inclusive of consultation with your massage practitioner to personalize your visit. New clients will need to fill out a client intake form. Your appointment also includes time for transition before and after your service. Please inform your practitioner of any medical issues, recent injuries, or surgeries.

What to Wear

  • We recommend that you wear comfortable, flexible clothes and avoid wearing jewelry, makeup, perfumes or colognes whenever possible when at MassageLab for a session.

  • You may choose to completely disrobe or remain partially clothed for your massage. We are happy to work through clothing if necessary. Please note that should you choose to completely disrobe, only the part of your body being massaged will ever be exposed.

  • Your therapist will leave the room to allow you to disrobe to your level of comfort in private. They will also step out at the end of the session to allow you to get dressed.

  • We do not have showers available at MassageLab. However, a moist, warm towel can be made available for you upon request at the end of your session should you want to freshen up before dressing.

  • Some of our therapists who provide assisted stretching may request that you keep your undergarments on to ensure your comfort when moving you in and out of stretches for the legs and lower body.

Tip Policy:

Tipping is customary in the massage world but not mandatory and usually between 10-20% of the price of the massage. At MassageLab you can either opt to tip the Therapist in cash directly or you have the option to add the tip to your Credit card at checkout.


Any verbal or physical conduct of a sexual or aggressive nature is inappropriate during the massage; your massage practitioner will end the session if this becomes a concern. MassageLab reserves the right to limit, suspend, or terminate services in cases of, but not limited to, inappropriate or unhealthy behavior as deemed by MassageLab management or in accordance with the CAMTC Code of Conduct.